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If you've ever enjoyed a pretzel, this cookie has your name on it. Crunchy pretzel bits atop a purely melt-in-your-mouth experience, this butterscotch cookie will make you question all of your previous opinions and life choices (in the best of ways).


Our bakers, inspired by the local harvests and the changing tapestry of nature, curate these limited-edition cookies with passion and precision. Every bite tells a story of local charm and seasonal wonder.


They're perfect for celebrating milestones, adding a touch of luxury to your gatherings, or simply savoring life's little moments.


Capture your season. Capture Wonder. ✌🏼🧡🍪


PriceFrom $2.50
  • This cookie flavor is completely nut-free.

    Wonder Cookies are hand-scooped and crafted with local, organic ingredients of the highest quality. Each and every cookie is topped with our famous combination of sea salt and secret delight.

Wonder Cookie.png


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